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Shan naqvi


Discover the insider knowledge and wisdom that only a select few share online.

Devaughn Dames

We are very excited to have Shan Naqvi as an integral part of our global team at RTP Funding as our Chief Web Officer. He is really a great guy to talk about difficult areas on web design and e-commerce. His knowledge will consume you. We have the same mindset for growth potential on the topics of global business and its direction.

devaughn dames



Unleash your Entrepreneurial Spirit and Take the First Steps to Launching Your Very Own Business!

My colleague, Jacob Aldridge, and I, prepared this book to assist ambitious entrepreneurs in conserving both their time and money as they embark on their voyage. For many of its readers it has had a significant impact on their lives! We drew from my hundred plus interviews alongside Jacob’s years’ worth of consultancy expertise for the creation of our work.

About Shan Naqvi

Shan Naqvi, hailing from the esteemed "Odero Lal Village", is a jack-of-all-trades in the digital world. A visionary entrepreneur, he's the founder of SideInternetBusiness.com, a bestselling author and a sought-after digital marketing consultant. When he's not busy changing the online world, Shan can be found sipping chai and pondering life's big questions. With a sharp wit and an unrivaled sense of humor, Shan is one to follow for a good laugh and some serious digital marketing knowledge.